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While our focus is on creating value for advertisers, we’ve created a niche marketplace where both large and small advertisers can leverage the latest message delivery technologies, the most insightful marketing intelligence and the most innovative promotional opportunities. This approach – and the infrastructure behind it – allows us to create customized and compelling solutions for each advertiser.


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Forecast: Online advertising to surpass $91 billion

Online publishers will help boost online advertising efforts past the $91 billion mark according to a recent forecast from Forrester Research.

Forecast: Online Will Take More Ad Dollars Than any other Ads By 2018

The net was the only medium to attract more money in 2009 in Zenith’s figures, though its growth curve is flatter than the early-2000s heyday growth of 55+ percent a year.


Online Video Viewing Reaches Record-High

Top Video Properties

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The most optimistic of the big three ad agency forecasters, Brian Wieser, expects online revenue to reach $60 billion worldwide in 2010, hitting $99 billion by 2015. By that point, online ads will account for 21 percent of all major media spending. Next year, though, that share number will be 16 percent—putting it into perspective, Wieser notes that online’s share was less than 3 percent in 2000. The growth is the result of other media losing share, particularly print, as magazines will have fallen slightly ($40 billion in advertising revenues during 2000, and $35 billion in advertising revenues expected in 2015) and newspapers will be down similarly (from $97 billion in 2000 to $92 billion in 2015).

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).


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The video is active, alive, and believable. Video is power. Sales power. Trust power. Infomercials are full of testimonials. Infomercials sell product. Infomercials make money.



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Video Ad Production  -  Webcast  -  Platform  -  Distribution

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