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 Host - Cohost - Presenter 
wbiznet.com  We are currently seeking talented professionals to join our staff.

Talk Show Host
Talk Show Co-host
Travel Channel Host
Cooking Show host

Cover the Entertainment Industry
Interview guests, experts, places to go, things to see!

Male/Female - Ages 19-29 - for the young adult market
Ages 29- 49 - for the family & business market

Positive personality is a must,
Energetic, outgoing, sharp dress, spontanous,

 To be a good host, you need to be very comfortable in your own skin.
It's vital that you feel confident and comfortable, so that you can then make your audience or on-camera guests feel comfortable as well. They will feed off your energy.

Send: Name & Contact info, short bio, Video URLs, experiences, interests, hobbies, goals, & dreams.
(Please be totally sincere and be yourself, we are trying to fit you with the right shows)

send Information - video URL - to : 

Tina Price - Production Co-ordinator





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